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Wine is stored mostly in special shelves

Hi. They are named Světlanka and I am a doll. I live in a small South Bohemian village with my little girl. We both live in the Attic room, which was built for us by her father. My little girl has a whole room for herself and I'm a bookshelf. So I don't have it all for myself, but I have to share it with other friends. Shelving, these are the homes of us-toys.
To come here, Annie, Marek, Cuddy Dog and Hippo, my stroller, kitchen, jar…, my little girls ' parents had to take several shelves. These racks, in which we live, are beautiful, metallic, have different colors and beautiful cool when it is hot outside, and the roof, which we have overhead, the sun is roasted.
You also take the toys of your children with decent shelves!
Sometimes I would like to be a toy and fill the shelves of children's rooms with other toys.

Wine is stored mostly in special shelves
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