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Hot Tub Prague

Visit our Relax Studio Al Aqua. You'll love us. Relax with a few of our treatments. You will see that you will then take up new energy and feel much better. Try the treatments such as the classic Finnish sauna, massages or the Prague hot tub. Then you can sit in the pleasant atmosphere of our bar.
We offer a classic Finnish sauna. It is one of the relaxing treatments. Hot couples have a positive effect on all organs and all processes in the human body. Try it and you will know that you will feel better and relaxed. So don't hesitate and visit us. The stay with us is definitely a good benefit. You can find us in the center of Prague. Hot Tub Prague is happy to serve you.
Hydro Massage
In our studio we also have hydro massage whirlpool Prague will not disappoint you.

Hot Tub Prague
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