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Have you also put on the path of fashion and fashion trends? I, certainly yes, to get the most out of it, I have been in spite of my excellent school benefit on learning. At school, almost all teachers tried to tell me my decision. I have even been in the head of the school for this decision, unfortunately they did not. They could not understand that the premiere class does not intend to continue the next study in high school or grammar school. They gave me a pattern everywhere. I also participated in many knowledge competitions in the regional and national round, where I mostly ended up on the podium and suddenly the Apprentice. They didn't understand.
In short, it was a shock to them. They couldn't understand that I put myself on the hairdresser for one simple reason. That's where they teach me everything. I will learn not only to cut and adjust the hair, but also to use a variety of haircuts and maybe even a wig. I'm definitely going to get to the next study after the Apprentice.

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